Learning Python

Hello i started using Dynamo 5 month ago, and im generaly happy with my progression.
but quiet often i get stucked doing my script because im struckling to find the correct node and not because i cant figure out the workflow, hope it make sense :smiley:

Now to my question, i want to learn python, but im not sure if i should take some time doing basic non Dynamo / Revit specifik script in another editor fx Pycharm or if i should learn Python in the Dynamo editor ? "my thought is there most be alllot of general python content out there ?

Hope someone is able to help :slight_smile:

Happy newyears :smiley:

Hello. Glad to see you wanting to expand your skills with Dynamo. Python is very useful with Dynamo and even outside of Dynamo/Revit.

As for whether you should learn Python using Revit as the context or separately, that is up to how far you want to go with Python. A good groundwork of Python understanding is best for both cases but after that, learning just in the context of Revit is just fine.

For basic Python, a coding tutorial website would probably be the best, of which there are plenty of. Something like codeacademy.com, etc. (not affiliated with).

Here is another thread where a list of resources specific for Dynamo are compiled, check it out: Python Nodes Basics