Python Mullion Type Problems

I’m working on a Python script that takes a set of input lines and assigns a mullion to the corresponding gridline that they intersect. However, I’m getting a strange error that I don’t know how to correct towards the end of the script. Python is telling me that it expected a MullionType and got a Family Type (see image). I’m using a modified version of Spring Nodes’ Collector.WallTypes that collects Mullion Types instead but the output of the node is a Family Type, which the script won’t accept. Any idea how to get the Mullion Type to feed into the final Python node?




Do you care posting that code to this website: use RevitAPI tag. It’s easier to answer code related questions from a forum that actually supports posting code.


Will do. The code is a bit rough (I altered a longer, more complex script that I created to make it), but hopefully should be legible enough.

Posted here:

I used the python nodes described in this topic,it is work fine with million in the middle, but ran into the problem when placing the mullion on the wall boundary. Who can tell how to be in this situation?create border mullion problem0.1