Python Learning Resources - Dynamo for Civil 3D

I’m looking to improve Dynamos functionality through Python scripts and I’m very open to learning and taking on some new knowledge. However, I cant seam to find many learning resources - guides, presentations etc. Could anyone point me in the direction of any learning resources (no matter how detailed or high level) which specifically cover AutoCAD/Civil 3D python scripts within Dynamo and the Civil 3D API.

Edit: I’m more interested in resources specifically covering C3D/Autocad Python scripts within Dynamo as oppose to general python which I’m aware there is plenty material covering which I have already been looking at.

I’ve found Oliver Greens guide useful as a starting point, However, it mainly covers Revit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


HI @elliotgr2010, its been 4months since you started this thread. Any update regarding Civil 3D learning resources?

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately not - I mainly got more up to speed by reading some of the sample scripts and other users then beginning to create my own.

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Does anyone have any updates on learning resources for python programming in C3D using dynamo?

not many resources available. Forum is probably the best place to start if you already know python and object oriented programming. Check out this post : Fields in AutoCAD Table - #6 by david_licona