Python in Dynamo 2.16

Hi all,

My Python-module doesn’t work in Dynamo 2.16 for Revit 2023.
Has anyone else experienced this, and possibly have a solution for it?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @NicSass …sounds like a conflict…do you have speckle installed it give some trouble for me…try disable speckle and see if it works…for sisable you could use diroots appmanager (amazing tool ) seems speckle work on a fix for that

Hi @sovitek
Thanks for the reply! It worked with the Appmanager :smiley:

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H Niclas…Was it speckle there was the issue for you ?

Yes it was. I disabled it with appmanager, and then it all worked :slight_smile:

allright…speckle still work on a fix, i can tell it isnt fixed yet in the recently update…but i know speckle knows it for long time now…seems to be a difficult thing :wink:

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