Python Error dictionary

I am trying to learn python these days…While trying to retrieve a value for a specific key from the dictionary i am getting an error saying dictionary object is unsubscriptable.Can anybody help to understand where i am doing wrong…see the attachment for better understanding

Hi @j.sunnyT6MVA

I see this is the first time you post something on the forum so I would like to give you a quick tip for next time. When you have a python error (the yellow node), show us what the yellow bubble is saying so we know what to look for. you’ll get an awnser much quicker.

now, i reproduced your graph but I didn’t get an error on the python code. So what does the Python node tell you (Refering back to the tip before)

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What Dynamo version are you in? You may need an update.

thanks for your reply , checked the same in another dynamo version(2.3.0 )…Now its workings

yes…You were right…previously I was using 2.0.4 …checked the same in 2.3.0…now its working

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