Python and loops working with GD (or not)

So I’ve written a script to place the largest industrial unit on a given site within specified parameters.

I also want to place the yard to go with it - I’ve written the yard as a python script that’s got a few loops in so I make sure the yard is in the right place, is the right size etc - there’s a fail safe so it stops if I’ve looped 500x and not found a good solution…

Problem is, I want to put the whole thing in to the GD in Revit. It exports fine.

It runs but it only shows the outputs for the industrial unit, not the yard…

Anyone got any suggestions?


Can you provide some documentation on your method? It is difficult to assess without specifics.

have you set any of the nodes about the yard as “outputs”

Yes. The yard outputs show in GD but with a * rather than a value.

So in dynamo this figure is 0 or a positive integer.

In the GD it shows only as >> image

All the other outputs display as expected.

It’s not showing any outputs from the last python node -

I just added a variable and it’s showing that as a * when I run it through GD.