Push Data to Starting View?

Hi All,

I’m wondering if its possible to push specific data points into a view, specifically the starting page in Revit?

Googling and searching here didn’t help me. Any thoughts?

Yes? What do you mean by “data points”? We need more information.

Hi @Nick_Boyts,
As an example, lets say I want to push a list of something like Levels in the project, or number of loaded families, as easy examples. We are looking at trying to keep track of some metrics, I’m just trying to use something basic as an example.

Does that help make my intentions more clear? I will eventually push all types of things here if I can, I’m just looking for a proof in concept now, then I’ll refine it to push the data I want.

Edit: Maybe display the data as something like a schedule?

Sure, that’s definitely possible. You have two basic options - text or parameters.

  • The first (more straight forward) option is to just gather up all your information and write it to a text box.
  • The second option is to use a titleblock or other generic family which you could write all that information to with specific parameters.

A lot of these metrics could also come directly from schedules.

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Thank you!

Edit: As a follow up, Is it possible to present data graphically here? And if so, could you point me in the direction of which node(s) to start messing around with? Sorry if these are obvious questions, I’m still learning Dynamo!