Creating a View List that serves as a plan of work?

Hello everyone! I created a view list (schedule) that I use for organizing work. I want to add a few more options to it but im not sure how to do them or if they are even possible.
Here is a picture of what i have now, my idea now is to use dynamo to do following things:
-By clicking on a certain view name on this schedule, that view would open in a new tab.
-I Want to do same thing for the sheet view
-Make a script that allows multiple row renaming or changing value
-Make a project status color in schedule match a view in a browser, after i match it green in schedule the same color would highlight the view name. (Circled in red on picture below)

This would be my first dynamo script and honestly i dont know where to start :sweat_smile:
If you have any idea how to do any of the things that i mentioned or just a tip, i would be grateful for it! I really want to make this work! :smiley:

Since you’re changing the behavior of the Revit user interface, this isn’t really suited for Dynamo. A Revit Add-In will be able to accomplish some of the things you are after, but API limits (ie.: as far as i know there is no way to add custom highlighting in the project browser) could block your forward progress.

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