Push a categories parameter into another categories parameter?

Basically, I’m looking to take a parameter from a circuit and populate that information into the electrical fixture parameter which that circuit corresponds. Is there a somewhat easy way to do this? I put something together that pulls the information from the circuit and pushes it into the electrical fixture parameter. But, they do not populate the parameter on the electrical fixture that the circuit is on. Any help would be great. Thanks

2 Tub Circuit 2.dyn (6.3 KB)

I don’t know anything about circuits/fixtures as I do structural modeling, but there is no logic in your script which suggests what elements are relational, if your circuit and fixture both had a mark number (or any parameter) that shared some reference (EL-C-01 and EL-F-01) then you could filter and sort by string to find all circuits and all fixtures, match them up and write to elements (just a suggestion).

Also, you are trying to write 857 values to 22602 elements, both lists need to match in length as I assume you are writing one value to one elements. This would be resolved by having the logic for determining which elements are relational.

Hope that makes sense. As I said, I do structures only, so perhaps someone else may have a better way to help with the relationship between Fixtures and Circuits. Good luck!

Hi @timmyt21

Currently your “CKT” number has no values. Have a look below how to get Circuit numbers.

Are you trying to assign it to your panels(Electrical Fixtures)?

The “CKT” parameter is populating the panel schedule. We need the schedule to start at circuit # 61, not 1. As it is a double tub panel. Since you can’t tag a parameter on the circuit. My thought was to have that “CKT” parameter populate the electrical fixture and tag it that way. I guess I’m trying to fool Revit into populating with a different circuit number than the one that is “really” assigned to it.

@timmyt21 In that case could you please drop dummy rvt file to provide possible solution for you. Thanks :slight_smile:


The shared project parameter in applied to both the receptacles and circuits. You can see the parameter in the properties window under Data - CKT#. Any other info needed, let me know.



The linked post provides a python script that will select all elements connected to a circuit. From there you should be able to link parameters the way you want to.


Another solution, that my engineering firm uses is Rushforth Tools. They have a parameter linker that can do what you’re looking to do.

Thanks. The world works in mysterious ways. I actually started at a new company and David Rushforth runs the BIM department. So, his tools are an intricate part of our BIM workflow. So, problem solved I guess. Thanks.

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Can you tell me how you apply it ??? because I have the same issue