Publish IronPython .. node?


Hey guys,

I am fairly new to Dynamo, but I find it super cool and a great initiative! In the spirit of open-sourcing and free materials for the growing community of users, I tried to publish a definition that I’ve created. I went through the example of publishing custom nodes, but couldn’t quite figure out where do IronPython scripts fit in. To be honest, I couldn’t get the script to work within a custom node (which I’ve tried as a workaround).

I am probably fighting with trivial knowledge (lack of) on how the package system is organized, but the way I understand, you can only publish a custom node as oppose to publishing a definition. If that’s the case, how does one encapsulates the python code within the custom node?

I included the python script in a blog post and if anyone is interested, the definition can also be downloaded there.


Thanks in advance!