Property Set Definition for Pipes

Hello All,

I have a quick question if anyone has encountered this or has a work around. I am trying to make a script that uses property sets for pipes and pipe labels. I have used the C3D Toolkit nodes PropertySetDefinitionByParameters as well as the python/json workflow that is shows in the examples and I keep encountering the same problem.

When I try to apply the definition set to both pipes and pipe labels:

  1. the definition will not apply to the pipes
  2. The definition will overwrite the Pipe Label and change the object symbol to a custom symbol. Notice the symbol for Pipe Label in the 2 images.

C3D: 2023.0.1
C3DToolkit: 1.1.30

Looking at this

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Hello hosneylaa,

I did have a read through this post before posting and unless I am misreading something, doesn’t quite cover this issue.

I am trying to create the Property Set Definition and have it apply to Pipes and Pipe Labels. This would allow me to then create the Property Set on the objects via the Extended Data tab in the Properties workspace. When I try to apply the types Pipe and Pipe Label through Dynamo, Dynamo fails to add the object types. My results so far are:

  1. For Pipe only - does not apply Pipe, shows NONE in the “Applies To” tab.
  2. For Pipe Label only - does apply Pipe Label but changes the icon for Pipe Label to the same icon if I was to make a custom Object in the “Applies To” tab.
  3. For [“Pipe”, “Pipe Labels”] - does not apply anything for pipes, shows only Pipe Labels in the Applies To tab, and changes the icon in front of Pipe Label.

I hope that clears up the problem.