Copy Property set definition

Hi all, is it possible to copy property set definition with new name and same definitions/attributes ? Is python necessary?

Hi all, now I can copy Property set definition. I used Python and I was inspired by @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 pset_utils modules.
I don’t understand how to apply property set definition to “Solid3d” objects. I am in “learning by doing” process. Is here anyone who can help? I don’t understand how StringCollection() and SetAppliesToFilter() method works.
Here is code as it is now in my work in progress.

def copy_ps_definitions(propertySetDefinitionName):

    """Creates a copy of property set definition

    :param propertySetDefinitionName: The property set name to get property set definition.



    global adoc

    with adoc.LockDocument():

        with adoc.Database as db:

            psdef = None

            psdefid = None

            newps = False

            newpsdef = None

            newpsdefid = None

            mypsdef = None

            mypsdefid = None

            with db.TransactionManager.StartTransaction() as t:

                dpsd = DictionaryPropertySetDefinitions(db)


                psdef = PropertySetDefinition()

                psdefid = psdef.Id

                dpsd.AddNewRecord("name", psdef)

                newps = True

                psdefid = dpsd.GetAt("name")

                psdef = t.GetObject(psdefid, OpenMode.ForWrite)

                definitions = psdef.Definitions

                mypsdefid = dpsd.GetAt(propertySetDefinitionName)

                mypsdef = t.GetObject(mypsdefid, OpenMode.ForWrite)

                mydefinitions = mypsdef.Definitions

                for pd in mydefinitions:


                #aplTo = psdef.AppliesToFilter.Contains.__doc__

                #sc = StringCollection()

                #scnew = sc.Add("Solid3d")

                #psdef.SetAppliesToFilter(scnew, False)

                #newpsdef = PropertySetDefinition()

                #newpsdefid = newpsdef.Id

                #dpsd.AddNewRecord("name", newpsdef)

                #newpsdef = t.GetObject(newpsdefid, OpenMode.ForWrite)

                #newpsdef.Definitions = definitions


                t.AddNewlyCreatedDBObject(psdef, True)                   


    return mydefinitions, definitions

Here is what was missing:

psdef.AppliesToAll = False
sc = StringCollection()
psdef.SetAppliesToFilter(sc, False)