Project a line on geometry

Hi there, I am trying to project a model line on geometry, why it is not working?

The yellow errors are often cryptic- but they will give you a clue.

You need to make sure you are feeding in the data that the node is expecting.
In your case- the Curve.ToNurbsCurve is expecting a curve, not an element.
So you need to get the curve from the element by uisng an Element.Geometry node

Assuming the object you are projecting onto is a wall- something like this
(also, you probably don’t want to project in the z axis (i.e up)

Thank you very much!

Remember that this only creates a Dynamo object. If you want this result in Revit you have two options:

  1. Convert the Dynamo curve to a Revit object with ModelCurve.ByCurve.
  2. Get the vector translation from your projected curve then move your original Revit element with Element.MoveByVector.
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