Projection direction not working

Hello, I have a script that is working fine projecting my hangers onto a roof, but as soon as I try to do the same thing to project to an I-beam it fails. It appears to be projecting from the Level to the roof as a total distance from the floor to the ceiling. Which is about 18’ and was how the rest of my script was written to handle. However as soon as I try to project to the I-Beam it changes for some unknown reason to a measurement from where the beam clamp is to where the beam is in this case about -11" and is throwing the whole thing off. But as soon as I try to project the same exact hangers to the roof, it works just fine. I have tried reversing the Z direction offset back to normal and reversed but the results are the exact same. What gives? What am I overlooking? Thanks!

So I believe dynamo is pulling in the internal coordinates from the family because this is how the family is built. But if I am selecting a surface in the project environment, then why isnt it taking the coordinates of the plane in reference to the project environment? I am confused.