Projecting points to Z axis by Point.Project

Hey i have converted AutoCAD insertion points (X and Y) in csv format and placing family on those points.

Problem is I want to project these points towards ceilings which are at different level.

I have tried using point.project nide but it is taking only first point:disappointed_relieved::sweat:

Im trying this from past few days. Not able to proceed any further.

What should i do further? i mean how i can say t those point to take Z axis as ceiling offset.

Dynamo 2.0.2
AutoCAD points to CSV to Revit Insertion - 2.dyn (54.9 KB)
Revit 2018.3
lim.rvt (4.0 MB)

try this:
give the node one solid, use lacing or/and use list@level

You need to use Cross Lacing Product at your Point.Project node.
Here a simple example, using also List.Clean to remove empty list you get when the points are not below the surface:


this is how i did.


and 1 element got selected. i couldnt figure whats the difference in your sample, which you showed and mine. :thinking:

hey thank you @lucamanzoni i couldnt able to find cross product option. Now i got it :blush:

I have got some empty list because of no ceiling above it.

Is it possible from any node to make those empty list return as Z=0 and respective X,Y points.
I had tried to extract data after point.project but is it given empty list for X, Y