Automatic convert from selected 2D points (from Autocad) to any object (in Revit) for example points-trees, or road signs and so on

Hello guys, maybe someone can create a script which automatically creates 3D object in the exact place where points are? For example, i insert a lot of points from Autocad to Revit and i need to convert them all to trees or road signs or anything else.

This is not a “can you do the work for me” forum. Please give it a go and post what you have tried.


i tried this one tasku pavertimas baigtas bet neveikia.dyn (54.2 KB)
but its not working while in youtube video it works :frowning:

In AutoCAD Use the DataExtraction command to pull the needed XYZ, rotation, and any other parameter data you want from the CAD file, and export it to an excel file.

Then use Dynamo to create Revit instances at the given XYZ location, set the rotation, set any parameter values, and then call it a day. :slight_smile:

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Can also just use CSV. CSVs can also be written with AutoLISP.

Where are those nodes from?

LimkDWG package. :slight_smile:

this package (LinkDWG) requires to have an Autocad session (no LT version) open before running the script
if the goal is only to get blocks location (without properties or attributes) you can directly use this node


Note there is little error in your dyn