Projecting from interior to the exterior of an enclosed surface

Hi All,

I have vertical lines that are in the interior of an extruded rectangle and I’m trying to project them onto the extruded rectangle… I have used Curve.Project and Surface.ProjectInputOnto. Using these I have found that I get two resulting curves, which seem to be in both the positive and negative direction of the vector. I would have assumed it would just give me one curve in the inputted vector direction, positive or negative… It seems like it’s behaving like intersecting a plan and the extruded rectangle.

Any ideas?

test.dyn (9.9 KB)

Hi @Jason.Wheeler

Geometry.Translate node will get you started.

Thanks @Kulkul, I appreciate the quick response! But, this is just a simplified version of what I’m trying to do in my project. I just used this to illustrate the issue I’m having.

The surface I would like to project to is not a planar surface, where a simple Geometry.Translate would work. See image below.