Project Set-up - Workset creation

This is more of a pool rather than a question…
I was wondering how people set up their project in terms of workset, focusing on efficiency and practicality?

Dynamo wise, I would use Workset.By.Name reading from a template text or a spreadsheet.

Any other methods you guys use… add-ins etc?

Since its a one-time job i do it manually and what i need depends on the building and the amount of co-workers
If i have many models with the same setup, i simply save as a model with the right setup before we start modeling.


I use the Parametric Monkey package, works a treat

Being able to rename ‘workset 1’ is useful

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Thank you for you advice,
Regarding renaming Workset1, as far as I concerned, it would be better not to rename it as it might lead to some issues down the line eg “this action has caused deletion of non-editable workset”