Project Browser Graphics

Is anyone aware of any way to manipulate the project browser interface to make the titles of view organisation to appear in larger text, bold, italic, underlined etc?

I don’t think that’s possible. I haven’t seen any API in Revit that exposes this control to be overridden.

Thanks for the input @Konrad_K_Sobon

One could probably write a custom browser with winforms and treeview.

I’ll have a look into this. Currently lacking such coding ability, but I’m getting there.

Well, yes, you could re-write the browser, but then I would have to ask…WHY? To make some headers bold? Yikes…I am not endorsing that idea.


That is a good point.

E.g. to be able to sort and group schedules.
Kiwi Project Browser is what you need.

Have you had any luck with your search for this DYN file or maybe created it yourself?

I gave up on this.