Progressive Division of a Curve

Is there a way to divide a curve using the split at parameter node but not only with a series of number but with a progression of numbers that increase as one would using graph mapper in Grasshopper

such as

You may find a solution from my example demonstrating a simple geometric controller here

Alternatively, you can solve this problem mathematically, using an exponent starting from 1, i.e 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc. Total the sequence, then divide 1 by the result to create a multiplier. Multiply the sequence using this number, then create points using Curve.PointAtParameter

Here‚Äôs an example graph taking the ‚Äėmathematical‚Äô approach (using the geometric controller is simpler‚Ķ):

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Thank you Thomas for your reply , the geometric controller is pretty cool!

hi vikram,
thank you for your simple solution, it get your drift but i am unable to progress it further, here it is where im stuck. i seem to be getting only one point, another rookie mistake perhaps!

lacing the point.atParameter node seemed to solve it but as i see in you soultion it was still set at shortest, how come?

My guess is that the selected element is in a sub list.

Here’s an alternative solution, similar to Vikram’s but with a bit less math and a bit more geometry :slight_smile:

The custom node is used only to switch the inputs of the ‚ÄúCurve.TrimByStartParameter‚ÄĚ node:

You can then vary the split location and the number of splits to get a similar effect to GH


Thank you to all,for really amazing solutions.