How to Divide a Curve using two values Lunchbox note

Hi all,
Can someone help me please to divide a curve using two values? So far I tried all the nodes I can find, with no success. I am new to Dynamo so hope there is a solution.

I stopped at the lunchbox node “Curves.DivideCurveByDistance” where I can divide the curve by distance. Other nodes they try to divide the curve equally by the approximate distance. My priority is to divide the curve by the two values, Not Necessary equally.

When I use the lunchbox node, Dynamo first divides the curve by 800 (List A) then by 1800 (List B). What I am looking for is One list with the curve divided first by 800, then the end point of the 800 division to be the start point for 1800 division. Afterwards, the endpoint division of 1800 to be the start point of the 800 division and so on along the curve.
Do I need some sort of justification?
I am open to any suggestions

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Something like this ?

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@mellouze thank you for your replay

Havent used Curve split by points, I will give it a try. Though your result is 3 points with Y0=800; Y1=1800; Y2=2000;
What I am looking for is Y1=2600 (800+1800) and Y2=3000, for example in a 3000mm length.
the length for first segment is 800, the length for second segment is 1800. In your example it is 1000.


Rodion, it sounds like you’re asking for help with a mass addition function on top of your split by segment length function… how’s this work? Giving you a bonus version as an in-line code block as well.

Note there are custom nodes which do this, but understanding the principals behind it will really help you grow as you use these tools.


@JacobSmall, thank you for your help. The result is what I am looking for, hopefully, I will be able to recreate that.
I dont know why I havent thought about it but with Curve.Splitbypoints I came to understand that I am trying to plot points on the curve at those lengths 800,1800,800,1800 about 50 times. Rather than divide the curve. Sounds simple and I feel like I overcomplicated it!