Problems with Raybounce

Hello Guys
I am trying to use Raybounce node and I am using Revit 2022 but I cannot see this node, I don’t know which kind of package I should download !
Hope anyone knows and help me.


Hello…Bimorph and datashapes have package for that

Having the same issue, seems like they removed the OOTB node? Problem with Bimorph and Data-Shapes is that they all reference linked objects.

Seems like the node is there, but doesn’t show up in library. @mehrdad610 if you right click on the workspace and write “ByOriginDirection” it should show up. Also have a look at this thread:

Hello…Datashapes raybounce have a input bool where you can choice link or not…if i remember right :wink:

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Hi, yea you’re right @sovitek, I see it! “BounceOnLinkOnly” they call it

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yeps if you want the ootb raybounce node you had to search outside canvas…you cant find it the library…think its a bug…think Sol have mention it before ;

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Correct… it somehow got lost in the LayoutSpec (Where the nodes tell the Library where it is supposed to show up!) and has now been fixed for the upcoming Revit2023.1 release of Dynamo 2.15.