Problems with Math.Round and Math.Sum - 0 is read as Null

I got a problem with Math.sum and Math Round
I Did a script on my Desktop witch used Dynamo 2.0.1 1

Here it´s getting imput from *Node

Zero = 0

On my Laptop tbh

Zero = Null
What is the reason for that and how can i fix it :smiley:
Thx in advandce

The script is here
Glasandel iforhold til gulv Please.dyn (72.8 KB)

what are the outputs from the addition node? The lists do not match and we cannot see what is being passed. Please provide more information.


It seams to be working fine in your provided example. When it fails are you collecting Areas that are not placed resulting in a blank value? Can you show what is being exported from the addition node when Math.Round Fails? Also what is the error say?

List item 6 in example one equals 46 and equals 0 in example two. The data is not the same.

I Found the problem, apperently 3 windows didnt have a “FromRoom: Name” Paremeter set on the file on my laptop.

any idea how that can happen.

Thx for the help steven :slight_smile:

I have not look deeply into that parameter but my guess would be that the room is incorrectly placed (not bound or not placed). Sorry I cannot be of more help there.

No problem :slight_smile: thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Feel free to bring input to the uploaded script, if you have any suggestions how to improve it further :slight_smile:

Can you mark your response as solved so others can quickly see how this problem was solved.