Problems with DataShapes MutliInput++

I’m getting odd behaviour with the DS MultiInputForm++.

I build a script using drop down items, feed it into the MIF++ node and it works. I then try to run it again 10 mins later, same script, freshly loaded and it doesn’t fire up and just returns the following error;


After this error I can’t run any scripts with a DS interface… I’ve tried installing the latest version but no dice… anyone got any ideas?

(I’ve attached my sample script but I suspect it will run fine if you’re not having the same issue).

1.3.2-Create Areas_DS-0.0.10A.dyn (14.1 KB)


Don’t you just love it when you solve your own problem…

In this case it wasn’t working because there were unplaced rooms in the project which didn’t return a level and that missing data was preventing DS from running correctly.

All sorted now.

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