Problems with Bimorph - Boundingbox.GetElementIntersect

Currenty I am working on a Dyn-Script to improve my workflow. My script basically creates 2 parallel pipes in ducts and should connect them with eachother. I need a way to detect which pipes are in each Boundingbox (sphere).

My Problem: In order to execute this I used the Bimorph node Boundbox.GetElementIntersect. It does not work. Well… not always. When I change minimal things within, it does work for… but only 1 run. And when I run it again it show a empty box again. I am really hopeless right now.

Is there a way to fix this. It worked perfectly fine before. Do you guys have any alternative Ideas to execute my Dyn. Script ?

send.dyn (106.3 KB)

I think I found a solution to my problem. I used a lot of wait/passthrough and looks like this makes a lot of issues withhin this part. :sunny: