Problems exporting data to excel

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I have set in Dynamo an algorithm for the resolution of form B.4.6.a (control of solar radiation) of the ITACA Puglia Protocol. I have problems with exporting the data obtained in the excel file of the same protocol. It signals the error visible in the screen that I attach

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Ho impostato in Dynamo un algoritmo per la risoluzione della scheda B.4.6.a (controllo della radiazione solare) del Protocollo ITACA Puglia. Ho problemi con l’esportazione del dato ottenuto nel file excel dello stesso Protocollo. Mi segnala l’errore visibile nel screen che allego

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Excel exports are pretty common - there are at least a dozen threads around. First thing to try is ensuring the file is accessible (on your local C drive), and not in use. Removing the decimal points from the sheet name is also a good idea - they can cause issues when using the API. If that doesn’t work try running the repair tool, or utilize another method of writing out the data (ie: CSV) and link the data into your excel document.