Problem with the node SortIndexbyValue

In this file there is a problem about this node and I don’t know how to solve it. The advice says that there are no corresponding inputs and that it is impossible to find a version of Sortindexbyvalue that is able to accept arguments of type (_array). What can I do?

Can you give us a entire picture
and put a watch node after the == node’s so we can see what is the input
Did you rename the SortIndexByValue node? please when you rename it use also the text : SortIndexByValue

The file is large. If I try to make an image you can’t see anything. I tried to post the dynamo file but the size is big.

Then show something more of the input

MODULARITA.dyn (91.9 KB)

the == node gives as a output true or false
the SortIndexByValue needs a list with double (numbers) as a input

you should replace the == node and maybe the other nodes before the == node. Depends on what you are trying to accomplice

Your N,z SortByIndexByValue node is working because it has numbers as a input

see also:[])

@federicamonna note that you can use a camera export (too right corner of the workspace window) to save an image of the entire graph at whatever zoom level you are currently in. So if you zoom so you can read on node and export you’ll get an export that is both legible and shows the entire graph.

You may also want to look into the list.sortbykey and/or list.groupbykey nodes.