Problem with the creation of multiple Autocad blocks having the insertion points

Hi Everyone!

I’m a completely new user of Dynamo, and I’m trying to create my first script to place multiple AutoCAD blocks into the drawing. My logic process is as follows:

  1. I selected a cogo point group that was already created into the drawing. In those locations, the autocad blocks have to be placed.
  2. Then, I get the elevation in those points by using Surface.ElevationByXY.
  3. Now, I get the easting, northing coordinates, and create points with this information by using Point.ByCoordinates.
  4. Finally, I try to create the blocks into the drawing using the points as the coordinates for the insertion point of every single block, but I haven’t been able to do it. It always prompts an error.

I don’t know what the mistake is. It would be great if someone could help me solve this. I share the pictures of my dynamo canvas. As you can see, there is an error, but I even don’t know what it means.

Please help!!! and thanks in advance! bye

Wire a Document.Current into the Document.ModelSpace node and see if that fixes it. If so let me know and I’ll explain why. :slight_smile:

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@JacobSmall thank you very much brother!, :partying_face: It worked perfectly, and yes, I would like to understand this, I mean, what is the block field into the BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem node, and why I have to link the current document to the Document.ModelSpace that I put on it. I think dynamo is a great tool and I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Bye, and thanks again, my regards! :partying_face: