Problem with SteamNodes Tool.CreateEmptySheet node

I’m trying to create a batch of empty sheets by a list of floor plans I already have in my project.
For some reason, the names and the numbers plugged into the node, all go wrong. All sheets above num. 9 get a strange error message in the node and none of them get the full naming set by the graph.

Plus, when I try to set the sheet parameters by name, they too work only up to sheet 9
All sheets above 9 don’t seem to acquire the parameters at all (as you can see in the project browser print)

But the strangest thing, is that the number of elements jumps from 16 to 22, as shown in the graph print!
Is there any way to get around this problem?

Hard to say with what we’ve got, but with the list structure I believe you’ve got a lacing problem. Also, what is the warning in the last node?