PolyCurve.SplitByPoints Let's DO This!

Alright Dynamo Elite! Especially DS Imperative gurus (you know who you are):

I’m finally fed up with not being able to split polycurves by points. I’ve started an Imperative Block, but seem to be getting stuck in the first while loop.

The Final output is curveGroups, that can then be rejoined as Polycurves. Here is the Pseudocode (full code attached)Polycurve_Split_Testing-Post.dyn (38.7 KB)

Get Polycurve’s Curves,
Split any of these curves that have points on them, (This gives us the list “splitCurvesGrouped”)

First splitCurveGroup is subCurves
First subCurve gets it’s own list in curveGroups.
Remaining subCurves (if any) also get their own list in curveGroups. (While Loop)

Remaining splitCurveGroups are treated similarly, except the first subCurve of each group is added to THE END of the previous curveGroup.

Am open to criticism, suggestions, collaboration, or an utter display of awesome from any and all.

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This reminds me of the below issue:

If I remember correctly, Colin added a solution to his Ampersand package, tho the name of the node escapes me.

@nickcurtisgba Not By Points, but this seems to work with By Parameters
Polycurve_Split.dyn (33.3 KB) (ver 2.1)