Problem with AllIndicesOf

Greetings everyone !
Im trying to get all induces of a list of strings from another list of strings And i keep getting Warning : operation failed ! Is it because of the special characters ?

if you are seeking to find the index of the string within the list then you should use " List.Allindicesod"

the problem in your case that you should connect the code block list to the β€œitem” input

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Sorry for the missleading screenshot ! i did in fact conenct the list block to both indices of blocks and i still get the same warning !

do the both input is a strings ? the code block is clearly string but the other list from flatten, are the items strings ?

could you show what is the error on the list.allindices node ?

Both Inputs are strings and i get the same warning on both list.allindicesof and string.allindices of which is Warning : operation failed ! as shown on the screenshot below

I just figured out that the null values were whats wrong ! i just replaced the null valus by a β€œ0” string and it worked

Thanks @khuzaimah.ElecEng for your help !