All indicies of null not working

Hello, I am trying to extract all the indices of null values in this list but it doesnt seem to want to work and I have tried most list level combinations that I can think of. I thought I should point it at list level 2 because that is where the null value seems to appear but its not working. Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong and why? thanks!

What are you trying to do with the indices once you have them? This node won’t look for “null” because the list item is “null” meaning it can’t find nothing in nothing. Make sure you are also using the correct Levels to get the top level “nulls” and/or “nulls” in the sublists.

Use another method to replace the nulls then search for those, or use a IsNull node and find the index from that.

Try RIE.IndexOf from the RIE package. It is an all indices of node. I believe it will work for this :slight_smile:


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