Problem Splitting Surface to Place Panels with Varied # of Attachment Points

I am attempting to have Dynamo divide a surface that results in mostly 4-sided panels with a few 5-sides and 3-sides at the edges. Then place adaptive components that are 3-point, 4-point and 5-point panels.

However, the definition seems to crash Revit in the middle when I am attempting to split the surfaces the second time. (I have already split the original surface once.) I am currently using a Lunchbox mode to split the surface. However, I have tried the equivalent Ampersand node and the equivalent Spring Nodes (old version) to do the same thing but all end with the same result.
I can occasionally get it to run successfully once, but then if I change any parameters and run again, it crashes. In addition, when it crashes it seems to damage Dynamo. Because Dynamo stops functioning unless I restart my computer. Simple straightforward operations and nodes start to fail for no reason that have worked previously and the interface become unresponsive. (If I restart Revit and Dynamo the problem still exists, I have to restart the entire computer before Dynamo will return to normal.)

Original definition is attached. It contains notes and groups that hopefully explain how I am trying to get it to work. I am using an empty Revit file as a test file (So I have not uploaded a project file.) I have uploaded the simplified test panels that I have been using.

I need help figuring out what is causing this and need most importantly need to find an alternate way of doing this if this process does not work.

Any help you can lend is much appreciated.

Simple 3pt Panel.rfa (496 KB)
Simple 4pt Panel.rfa (504 KB)
Simple 5pt Panel.rfa (504 KB)

Place Varied Panels.dyn (37.5 KB)

This might help…
SurfaceSubDivision-20160901.dyn (8.3 KB)

This is a slightly optimized version of code from this discussion…