Problem facing in creating Isolated Foundation slab or alternative Foundation Slab

If anyone could help me fill out missing connection for creating Foundation slab or isolated footing would be great help.

You have to chop your curve list to create sublists each list contains only 4 curves of the perimeter of each footing before feed the last node of footing creation.

if i use chop list that will arrange subset set of 4 curves for example if 4 foundation is there then 4 list will be there contain 4 curves in each in single list , after than can i directly connect to last node for footing creation

Because you’re importing your curves from CAD you probably want to make sure they form valid loops first. In earlier versions you have to do this “manually” by grouping curves and checking connections. There’s a custom node, Group Curves, for this. In newer versions you can use PolyCurve.ByGroupedCurves to do this automatically.