Printing to PDF via Dynamo

Is this easy enough to do? There are no basic nodes nor can I find any on the Packages website.

We have a corruption of a file in-house (From an in-house addon … don’t ask) that negates our ability to use the basic Print settings so I’m after a workaround.


what about exporting to DXF through Dynamo?

Can try that! I’m assuming due to the PDF printer being an additional piece of software we can’t link into it?

There’s no node for printing (yet), but if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can do it with a Python node. Look for “PrintManager” in the Revit API.

That could be a fantastic kick up my rear to get me started in Python :smiley: I’ll have a look into it if time permits. Cheers for the guidance.

Export from DXF

Just bumped into this too –