Print to console

In my custom node, implemented in c#, I performed some computation. To debug it, I print out some values to console. Under DynamoSandbox, choosing View/Console only showed the output from Dynamo kernel. What should I do to feed the console with custom data from node?

this isn’t currently possible, you can try requesting it on the GitHub issue page.

I think it’s a good idea as well, and in that case would get added to DynamoServices.dll

Thanks. I used DynamoLogger to log to file, but it’s not very much useful. I’ll submit the request to GitHub.

hmm, are you writing a nooemodel node or a zero touch node?

I’m writing a Zero Touch node. So far, it’s still learning by doing. Because I’m new to Dynamo and the visual programming concept.

Not very convenient, but as an alternative, you could always write the messages to a custom log file and at the end of your graph’s execution either display that in a new window or in dynamo directly:

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