How do you expose the properties of an object in a node?

For custom objects/libraries written in C#, is there a way to expose the properties of the object in Dynamo like you can with the native Point object? Is this possible using Zero Touch? Or do you have to use explicit custom C# nodes?


Did you try overriding the class’ ToString method?

I have not. Does Dynamo just call the ToString method for the Watch node and Data Preview?

Overriding the ToString() method works, however I’m having some trouble writing the method using reflection to print the property and the property value because the node inherits from NodeModel. It is causing it to print all the properties of NodeModel and I can’t seem to find the right set of System.Reflection.BindingFlags to make this work. Has anyone overriden the ToString() method in a dynamic way? I’d rather not do it manually as a lot of the objects are in flux at the moment.