Local Printers Names Null

Hello I am obtaining a null in this archi-lab node,
What can I do?

can you double click that node, copy python component inside of it, and paste that python back on main canvas so that we can see what the error is.


well, i know what the code inside of python node is. i’ve written it. :slight_smile:
take the python node and copy/paste it out of the custom node into the main canvas. i need the error that it displays.


Yes, this is odd. I have never seen this before, and googling around for that error returns quite a variety of possible cause/solution combos. Some of them suggest that you might have a firewall, access rights issues. Can you try using that same node on your personal computer when you have admin rights?


Ps. Please also try google. Maybe you can find your own solution because I can’t reproduce this on my machine so I have no idea what causes it.

I am trying to print pdf but i cannot even use it without this node:

That’s not correct. You don’t need the printers node to run the Print PDF node. It was a helper node that helps you get a list of all installed printers on your computer. What the Print PDF node requires is just a printer name. if you know the printer name from top of your head, then you can just supply that; just what you did above.

Now, the error that you are getting above, is a whole new animal. Your FilePath input is wrong. Please see this:

It’s an old post and I can’t guarantee that it still works, but give it another look.

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I’m having the same error and I suggest it is a strong security profile in my work computer setup.

When I use a code block to write the printer name it works perfectly fine regardless.

Just run the normal print dialogue via Revit and get the name of the printer there and type it exactly into a code block.