Print pdf in background

Hi all,

I’m trying to print PDF files in the background with the node from GeniusLoci.
Everything is working fine untill the point I need to compare Printsettings to get the right paper size.

The way I do it now works perfectly fine with Print PDF node that is used in the open document itself. So why doesn’t it work in this script.

Any help?

Thanks in advance!

#21 is the Printsetting from the document btw…sorry for the mess…


This probably has to do with the list levels (sublists).
Can you expand all the previews ?

Like this?

You only have a list of false under String.contains so your List.FilterByBoolMask is empty.
Add some Flatten nodes to only have lists and not list of lists. (After ViewSheetSet.Views node)

I don’t understand how that would help me since the only I do before use List.Contains is ask for the paper size parameter. And I use the information from View settings from document node. And both are not list of lists…

got it!

thank you!

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Thank you for sharing
could you please upload the script?