Print PDF (archi-lab) PrintSettrings error

Hello community,

I’m having trouble using archi-lab nodes to print various pdf’s of different sizes of paper. Apparently in the configuration of the printer is always in the same configuration.

Tks for attention.


Hi @lucas.severo,

You can search in the topics. This specific subject has been answered numerous times.
PDF print node by archi-lab

Hi Alban,

I’m sorry for come back on this subject.

Tks for the info.

You’re welcome.
Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you hit a wall.


I have seen on some topic that for batch plot and rename to work properly a waiting node or time pass is needed.

What happens is that if I run the two actions together, there is not enough time for the files to be renamed.

Thank you very much.

If you use the node Print PDF (multiples formats) from package Genius Loci, you can input the final names of the PDFs.

Or you can use this workaround with the original Print PDF node :
Rename PDF

Hi Alban,

Solved! With the passthrough, but i will try to use the “Genius Loci” node.


Hi Alban,

Sorry to return to this topic. You say “If you use the node Print PDF (multiples formats) from package Genius Loci, you can input the final names of the PDFs.”

How I input the final names?

Use “from directory” nodes?

Hi Lucas,

Yes, you need to input a list of filepaths in the node.
The filepaths are composed of the folder+files names+extension “.pdf”

The purpose of the node “Print PDF from directory” is to print sheets from a folder with one or more Revit files.
It’s useful when you receive the sames files with updates very often.

You can’t input the final names of the PDFs with that node for the moment.

Hi Alban,

That list solved the file name error. Now I belive my problam is with the PDF creator, that rename the files. I’m try to work on this, but only in my work free time.

Tks for all attention and help!


What is the error ?
Are the pdf created ? How are the pdfs names in dynamo and in the folder ?
Are they differents ?


The dynamo is correct, I can see on the “Watch node” reference. My printer rename the files for some knowing format as you can see ( <ClientComputer …> )

I will try to create a .bat extantion to rename this files.

What you think ?

Tks for all attention.

So, it’s not a Dynamo fix anymore.
I can’t help you with your virtual PDF printer but maybe someone else could help you.

I stumbled upon this question yesterday searching for a solution for my PDFs not renaming correctly and Alban had the perfect solution. A node that does not require a temporary pdf name. Thanks for that!

I realise this is an old thread and this is too late for you Lucas, but to anwser your question about your virtual printer, for anyone who might have this question in the future…

To use PDF Creator as your ‘Dynamo printer’ you need to make a custom profile with these settings:

You can click the dots i circled to add the correct macro.
I recommend creating a new printer in the printer tab since you will not be prompted with a file name outside of dynamo.
To resolve this, i created a printer called PDF Creator Dynamo, which is only used for Dynamo.

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