No Background Preview or Watch 3D Available (

I was going through the tutorials and I’ve reached a point where I need these features to work. See image below. I cannot get Watch 3D or the background preview to work. Watch 3d doesn’t expand any larger than what you can see, and the background preview option isn’t even available in the menu.

System Details:
64 gb ram
Quadro M6000 as display
(3) GTX Titan X’s (not used for anything other than rendering)
Driver version: 377.11 (latest Quadro drivers as of right now)
Windows 10
DirectX Version: 12

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Your one step behind. Click on the “Available Preview”.


As you can see, the option is grayed out. Last time I accidentally captured the screenshot without showing that part.


Are you using dynamo studio?

Hello @Kulkul,

No, this is Dynamo launched from within Revit 2017.

-Ben Is it possible for you to drop your dyn and rvt file?

It happens with every file. The one you see here is part of the tutorial series, but if i create a new dyn file with a blank rvt file, I get the same issue.


I have the same problem. After installed this version, graphics does not show up. Somehow for me, it works when I started Dynamo from Revit.

Has someone solved this? No preview available on Dynamo Studio 2017 on my laptop with Nvidia card

I solved the problem by updating to Dynamo Studio 2017.5 Via the Autodesk App :laughing: