PressureNetworks.PressurePipe.Length2DCenterToCenter returning 0 for certain PressurePipes

I have a simple PressureNetwork, consisting of 19 PressurePipes.
I’m trying to get a Dynamo script to work with the property Length3DCenterToCenter or Length2DCenterToCenter , but it’s returning length 0 for certain PressurePipes.
When I calculate the length myself via PressurePipe.Endpoint + Startpoint using Vectors, I get the more or less desired result. More or less, because there is still a few centimeters difference. I am assuming this is because of how the length is calculated (from the center of the pipe vs. the invert of the pipe or something). But that’s not the main issue, the issue is the length returning 0 for certain PressurePipes.
When I ask the Curve-list from the PressurePipes (PressurePipe.Curve), there is a simularity between the node returning null and no length being calculated.
Is this a bug , or am I wrong somewhere? I am pretty new to Civil3D.
Greetings !

@leen.van.pelt Pleas check in the &temp% folder for the Autodesk_Civi3DTookit.log file and look for errors inside. Can you make sure the geometry working range in Dynamo is set to medium? it seems all the straight pipes are returning zero (which is the default value by design in the Toolkit node). Also the difference you are getting is between the 2D projection on the XY plane and the 3D length of the pipe (especially if the pipes are circular arcs, the length will be longer than the distance between the end points (btw, you can calculate the distance between two points directly).

I don’t have a log file for Civil3Dtoolkit in my %temp%-folder. A general search in my AppData folder also didn’t return anything. Another place I should look, or does this mean there has never been an error with Civil3DToolkit ?
Geometry working range is set to Large. I got an error at some point that said I should change it to large. I am working with fairly large coordinates (200000 range - two hundred thousand) because of the Coordinate Reference System (Belgium - Lambert 72 - EPSG 31370).
The difference in distance is also there when compairing Length3DCenterToCenter with my own calculated length via Vectors:

I now have attachement privileges on the forum, if you feel like checking the files (Civil3D - 2021):
PressureNetwork - Error.dwg (3.8 MB)
PressureNetworks - Error.dyn (42.1 KB)

Geometry working range should always be on Medium, forget about those warnings.

There’s no difference when Geometry Range is changed to Medium regarding the lengths that are 0. Only the smallest digits 0.0000001 or something are different, but that can be expected.

@leen.van.pelt Your pipes are not straight lines nor arcs, this is not a case covered in the Toolkit
This is one of your pipes

Next release of the Civil 3D Toolkit will support “shivering” pipes like those you have in your model.
Spoiler alert the 3D length of the Dynamo PolyCurve is different from the one reported in Civil 3D and there is nothing I could do about it.

Awesome, thanks for looking into it.
I will await the update, and for now (try) not use “shivering” pipes.