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Hi there

I see some interesting copy on the link between Revit, through Dynamo to Power BI.

I would like to make an archive of realized projects, by making a model on a functional level of detail (masses rather than rooms), and asses them on a number of characteristics.
Simultaneously I want to do the same with the cost information I get from the offers.

Power Bi looks an appealing platform to start gathering and visualizing this data.

Has anyone done this before, and are you willing to share this with me?

A project with the according Dynamo Script and BI file.

Or can I find a tutorial or a self-training program on this?

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Check out Ryan Cameron’s website Architect Machines, he has a couple scripts that you can download and mess around with. I also found the Lynda.com’s basic Power BI tutorials pretty helpful. Hope this helps. Cheers.



Oh, perfect.

I did see some video’s about RC’s practice , but didn’t find his website.

I am older than twelve tough.

This will get me started, thank you Dave.

I once wrote a longinsh python script that inputs a navisworks XML to locate 3d clash points outputing a 2d svg plan (made from revit rooms). Synoptic addin for SVG in power bi is then a powerful tool for drilling down data. This then has uses for clash auditing that is commonly done in excel but could be improved as a dashboard. It would be a bit of work to change the rooms to masses but if take a look at @Jeremy_Graham’s python courses at lynda that should get you going.


Thank you, Adam Bear.

Altough I have to admit this is beyond my capacity to comprehend.

I will start with the visual stuff, and when I have all my scheme’s ready I will ask someone to take it to the next level.



Hope this helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQH0EdGtjOQ&t=102s

hello Adam, I am really interested in that. How is the SVG represented? is it a 2D view of rooms or something else like elements placed on the clash points of the navisworks test?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like Proving Ground has developed commercial apps for Revit > Power BI.

Video: Business Intelligence for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (Recording Live on May 20) - YouTube