Possible to associate a global parameter?


I have global parameters to control elements in my title blocks as below. I need to associate these parameters to my global parameters to turn all CDM Legends and all Watermarks on or off.

Is this possible in Dynamo ?

The title block parameters are yes/no. I can manage to list the global parameters, but I presume the SetParameters by name would not do this.


Sorry, forgot the image:

Hi @darrenpedder

Global Parameters still coming not build yet.

Meantime you could try @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi solution.


Was this ever resolved? Yes In 1.3 you can change global parameter values, but we need to be able to “associate” parameters to global parameters through dynamo.

Has anybody come up with a solution yet? I’m new to dynamo and I haven’t found an answer yet nor have I been able to solve it myself. Maybe someone could help me I have the same problem.

@Sefanja.Verkaik You should start a new topic. This thread is already solved.