Global Parameters

Hello everyone,

In Revit 2016 R2 , is it possible to access global parameters in dynamo ? I can think of many cool things that will do.

Ooh, good question! I am sure it is. It seems the reason they even added them is because of Dynamo. I will look into this more Monday as well.

Any results on this? It seems very probable to me that this will happen. Although we might have to wait until the Dynamo dev team has seen Star Wars a few times before the next update :-). They deserve it!


Couldn’t extract any information OOTB


Any updates on this? I guess Star Wars has been seen multiple times by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would seem that you can only get them via a python coded node at the moment but their is a section within revit 2016 R2 SDK for Global Parameters commands.



I’ve only been able to change the label on a dimension string to another global parameter. Nothing with the values, yet.

Any updates on this? I’d love to see this working!!