PolyLine type?

Hello people ! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a minor issue here. It is no big deal really.

I have a set of curves, that may or may not be connected/branching. I want to operate on this set or curves as one may operate on PolySurface objects. Does any of you know if there is a way to treat that list of Lines as a single object (I cannot create a PolyCurve from them)?

Obviously, I can still design a graph that bypass this problem (just by manipulating list-logic), but I wanted my graph to be as simple as possible (and thus, if a Polyline type existed, my graph would indeed be easier to read).

Thanks !

Hi @mellouze

Are those room boundaries?

Hu @Kulkul,

Not at all, I got those lines by intersecting some surfaces I created :confused:

Could you drop here rvt file?

I’m sorry, unfortunately, I cannot (due to my company restrictions). Best I can do is exporting the lines I showed in a seperate Excel file, and giving you the excel plus the .dyn file to read it.

I’m currently doing it.

You can’t expect to receive help for free if your not sharing. That is the entire point of this community. Please read this:

How to get help on the Dynamo forums

I get it and I’ve already read that, but please understand that I cannot just share a project that my company is actually still working on. The .rvt file is not my property, I can’t just share it for free. However, as I said it to you, I can provide what I created on Dynamo (regarding the screen I posted earlier).

I think it is not quite right to say that I am not sharing. Since I signed up, I always tried to help other people as much as my understading of Dynamo could.

Moreover, to be totally fair, my question is a general question. I’m actually asking something about supported object types or nodes that might already exist in Dynamo 2.0 and that I do not know of.

Can you create dummy rvt file?

All geometry nodes are the same the only additional nodes are as far as i know:

  • Color Picker node
  • File.AppendText
  • GetDirectory Contents with recursive access to subfolders
  • Updated ImportExcel node

Please read this for more info http://dynamobim.org/to-dynamo-2-0-and-beyond/

And Dynamo 2.0 Language Changes Explained here:

Hope it helps!

Thank you, I certainely take a look at it.

How about approximating the lines as minuscule surfaces and creating a polysurface?
slightExtrusion.dyn (8.8 KB)

Oh wow, that’s clever ! :smiley:

I finally designed a graph yesterday that just operated on the individual lines, but i’ll think about your trick next time I encounter such a problematic. Thanks !

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