PolyCurves may not be branching - GIS

I am trying to import a simple GIS file and getting this error.


Check your geometry working range.

Yea thats good. I have five records. By apparently the “Polycurves may not be branching.” Not sure what this means in this case.

It means that the poly curve is split like a Y. This may be happening if your geometry working range wasn’t set right so your points are either too small for dynamo to computer (IE you’re in extra large and the shape file wants small) or too large for dynamo to compute (ie you’re in small and the shape file wants extra large).

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When I bring the file in as nodes (points) rather than curves (polylines) it works fine. I can translate them as needed

can you post the SHP file ?

As I understand it, a SHP file can only contain a single geometry type (point, polyline, polygon etc) so it sounds like your data may be just points.

The polycurve error might be misleading i.e. there are no polylines/polycurves

No its definitely a polyline file. The example I gave above was a test with another file where I extracted the nodes from the polyline file just to see if I could get that to work. Its something about the polyline file that dynamo doesn’t like. I can’t seem to post the shp file here.

The key is the “polylines are not branching.” I understand what a branch is but not why my file fails to do so. You can see in the image below I was able to get something to work when I select element by record but even then the geometry is reduced to simple rectangles rather than the actual outlines as shown is a screen shot from QGIS.

QGIS image

So it appears it was the working range except it was too big. I dropped it down to large, get an error saying I am at the wrong range, but at least the model shows up correctly.


Hi, my file have the same problem but I already changed the working range and keeps the same message.
did someone solve it?