Polycurves in a list to a single curve

Hi guys,
I am trying to create a single curve by joining multiple curves in a row from a list of curves. Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.


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Hello Thomas, It doesn’t seem to work I have already tried it.
What I am actually trying to do is get a featureline from Civil 3D and use is as a curve to use in my Dynamo script. I am using the CivilConnection package but it doesn’t seem to be any good at inputing featurelines from C3D and giving back curve element. Or at least, I haven’t figured out yet how to do it properly.

Is there some other way to do so?

Thanks again for your time.

Hi @Vasileios.Balis I’m afraid I don’t work with Civil3D but if you can post an abstracted version of the dyn then it would be helpful to see

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Does LandFeatureline.Curve produce a discontinuous polycurve? Are you trying to join the gaps between those curves?

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Let me explain.

I have written a script that is based on a curve.

Now i am trying to replace this random curve created just as a sample by getting a featureline from C3D.

The C3D featureline is a combination of smaller curves, thus creating a polycurve.
The problem is that i cannot run my code by using a polycurve and I need a curve instead.

The question:
How can I create a single curve from a polycurve? :confused:

The kind of single curve you can derive from the polycurve will depend on the complexity of the polycurve. Here’s an example using PointAtParameter to distribute points along a polycurve and then create a single nurbs curve.

But due to the abrupt changes in direction, you can see the difference between polycurve and nurbs in the middle. You can reduce this by increasing the number of sample points along the polycurve but it will remain an approximation.

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Thank you so much Thomas. Will try that and get back! I really appreciate the time you took to help! Cheers!