Points above each other


I have a list of point from intersection of elements. I want to filter out the points that are above each other (X and Y same) and their Z distance is not more than a value.
To be architectural if a duct goes through on two floor element I need only the point of the upper slab intersection so lets say:
Point 1 is X=1,Y=1,Z=0
Point 2 is X=1,Y=1,Z=0,3
I need only point 2.

I’m going to have around 150000 points in the end so I think the Cartesian Product may not the best solution this case, also I was not 100% able to figure out how to filter with that.
Here is my case:

@daninet Lets consider points share X and Y values with Z values ranging between 1 and 3.
In the example below…

  • Points are grouped by their X values and sub grouped by their Y values
  • These subgroups are sorted by their Z values and further grouped by rounded off Z values
  • Extracting the first point of each group gives us a point at intervals of 1unit at every XY coordinate

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I have tried this earlier but for some reason it is not working with some points…

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Round off the x and y values to the nearest 0.001 or so prior to grouping.

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Hello Vikram,

Can we do this for near by values , meaning i needs all the points in along x in one group - yet not al points are same but close , similllarlty there are many rows of points , i need to group then by the x