Point Inside Room

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a part of my script to get the face of a wall which is facing the room. I was able to get a point on both inside and outside of my surface. I can get the value if the point is falling within the room boundary. I’d like to know is it possible to map the room name which corresponds with the surface which it touches?

thank you.

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Hi @Danny_Bentley
is this what you’re trying to achieve?


I’m trying to get the total surface area of a wall, however, my simple box is just to work out the bugs such as the divided surface of a wall from a floor to floor walls, slabs, and openings. The project is complex (like most project these days) it’s important that we know the surface area for construction and material. It’s also import to know which surface faces which room for construction.

The Dynamo will format an excel listing "Surface, Wall ID, Room, Point"
Then I use a c# script to add up all surfaces and
write the parameter to the wall. I could do it in Dynamo but it is working as part of another script.

Thank you for your help.


You have a workflow set up.
I’m just trying to write a script and I’m not getting it right.
I would like to display the wall surface in contact with the room in Revit. It is about an evaluation of the spatial surfaces, visual nature and to add a label …